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Sea Saffron is a high-end supplier for tours based in Valencia. In its short life we have welcomed to the city of oranges more than 800 of clients and 250 of tours from people of at least 25 nationalities! We take pride in the originality of our tours, and we take joy in granting people the opportunity to capture an exquisite snapshot of Valencia in a few hours… the sun practically all year round, the warmth, the freshly cooked tapas, the local wine and the guidance of a local are several of the things that make the experience worth it. Whether it’s finding the highest terrace in the city to enjoy a freshly prepared lunch or dinner, or it’s gaining insider knowledge in the most relaxed and culturally enriching way, we have something for you.  We make it our mission to source the best selection of fresh ingredients, and prizewinning wines from the finest vineyards in the Valencian Community. We are proud of the unique locations offered in our tours, and our venues are specially hand-picked for the best views of the city, where sunsets are enjoyed with a glass of wine and are engrained in one’s memory forever. Check out and read about us and our story on why and how we became to be what we are today!

Our Story

On the 4th of July 2016,  Eduardo finished his business studies and embarked on the biggest adventure of his life, starting to build from bottom to top a company which reflected his own passions: gastronomy and Valencian culture. Over the course of one year,  his vision has been consolidating and to date there are six members on the team looking to improve Sea Saffron’s universe.

Given the one-to-one nature of our service, the most important thing at Sea Saffron are its people. We truly believe that great experiences are sparked by the people you share them with! As passionate travellers and lovers of Valencian gastronomy, the team is made up of adventurous bright minds with a love for customer service and with expert knowledge on Valencia and its culture to truly immerse you into its lifestyle and cuisine. The team comprises a range of nationalities, from all different backgrounds, with previous experiences living in Spain and abroad. Get to know the team and read about their favourite places around the world!

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Eduardo Aguilar

Founder & Guide

Born in Sagunto, a Roman Empire north of Valencia, Eduardo is the founder and creator of Sea Saffron, filled with enthusiasm and excellence in everything he executes. Fundamentally a people-person, he makes it his mission to build everlasting relationships, wherever he goes.

Hidden spot: Summer sunsets at the end of the Marina, where the sun blends with the masts of the sailing boats.

Favourite experience: Brunch at Easton's Beach, Newport RI (United States).

Personal aim: Providing travellers with a unique and incredible experience to truly enjoy Valencia.

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Marina McGovern

Business Development & Guide

Growing up with a in Valencia with Londoner father and Valencian mother, Marina has always been exposed to diverse culinary influences.
As a natural communicator and highly curious person she has travelled as a volunteer with several NGO’s from a very young age, always craving to discover the path less travelled and beautiful local treasures, tucked away from tourists.

Hidden spot: Chiringuito La Más Bonita; Fav Plan: Having Sunday brunch at Chiringuito La Más Bonita

Favourite experience: Booking a fabulous tour guide in Rome and getting to see the real Rome!

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Cristina Ponce


Cristina has a natural gift for cooking. Fan of online platforms such as Eatwith, she has enjoyed welcoming people from all over the world into her home and learning about their stories and cultures. Cristina opens her heart and home to anyone looking to discover the real Valencia.

Hidden spot: Summer sunsets from my terrace. The rouge color of the sun coming down behind the mountains!

Favourite experience travelling: Enjoying Namibia with my children was genuinely exciting.

Personal aim: Travelling the world for 4 months going with no plans.

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Paula Breuckmann

Business Development

Growing up in Frankfurt and Valencia, with a German father and Spanish mother, Paula had a multiculturally rich upbringing, granting her the best of both worlds and brings her dynamic and bright personality to the team.

Hidden spot: Walking through the streets and observing the picturesque streets in Barrio de Ruzafa.

Favourite experience: Getting lost in Budapest and ending up having the best local dinner from food trucks at a petite and local eastern bazaar.

Personal aim: Sailing the mediterranean before the age of 30!

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Claudia Schreibvogel

Community Manager

After studying in the US & Spain, Claudia thrives as a trilingual speaker, bringing her experience in PR and online marketing from the Berlin Philharmonic and Michelin star restaurants.

Hidden spot: Valencia’s Botanical Gardens on a sunny spring day.

Favourite experience on a trip: A quad trip through Samaná, small region in the Dominican Republic, crossing tea and chocolate plantations and ending up at an exquisite white sand beach.

Personal aim: Open up my own travel related business in the upcoming years!

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Eduardo de Miguel

Corporate Designer

Born and bred in Valencia, Eduardo is a creative photographer, always on the go, capturing the most genuine and atmospheric images, and aiming to discover the essence of places and meeting new people along the way. In moments of relaxation, Eduardo is a keen foodie and loves to cook.

Hidden spot: Admiring the best summer sunsets at Valencia’s Marina, the terrace of restaurant Duna is a top spot.

Favourite experience: Going off roading in a defender and a hummer in Marbella.

Personal aim: Skydiving in Fiji Islands in 5 years time!

We believe the most important thing is to be surrounded by the best people. Our variety of partners range from local expertise to international background. We believe in making the best out of everyone’s support! Always grateful to every single one of them.

If you like what we do and would like to work with us, see our contact details below. We will love to hear from you!

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