Rich ecological diversity makes for fresh and exciting food choices. Home to the largest lake of the Iberian Peninsula, L’Albufera offers all it can, from serene panoramas to succulent flavors that capture the regional and cultural influence of Valencia. See it all, from start to finish, as we begin our trip in the fertile reaches of L’Albufera’s rice pastures and end the evening with paella served in the modern and intimate setting offered by the City of Arts and Sciences.

  • Curbside Pickup

    Travel accommodations provided by Sea Saffron from your residential location to L’Albufera.

  • Boat Trip

    Immerse yourself in the L’Albufera ecosystem as we traverse Spain’s picturesque natural park.

  • Paella

    Be Escorted to the City of Arts and Sciences to enjoy an evening of artisan paella.

  • Scenic View

    Spend time relaxing and reflecting from Valencia’s highest terrace.

  • Drop Off

    Return, travel accommodations back to your residential location.


Valencian Salad

Valencian Mussels

Fried Potatoes and Spicy Tomato Garlic (Patatas Bravas)

Main Course

Traditional Paella – Chicken, Rabbit, White and Green Beans and Artichokes


Seasonal Fruit

Traditional Sweets


Valencian Wine

Valencian Beer




Private Tour: Enjoy this experience by your own.

Adults 120 € (VAT Included)


Small Group Tour: Experience this activity sharing your most special moments with other travelers.

In order to maintain the exclusivity of the experience, we limit the number of people to 8 per group.

Adults 100 € (VAT Included)


Included Roundtrip Transport · Guided Visit and Boat Trip · Complete Lunch or Dinner
Not Included Additional Purchases

About Albufera

L’Albufera has been vital to the Valencian community for centuries and continues to hold significance to this day. It’s a freshwater lagoon that has an average depth of about 1 meter. It is the main part of the Valencian Albufera Natural Park which has an area of 21,120 hectares. It was declared a national park in 1986 because of it’s cultural, historical, and ecological value. Locals have fished here for thousands of years until the fishing trade in Albufera was officially recognized by the king in 1250. The area has also been an important hunting ground for boar, fowl, and deer. In the past few centuries, rice growing also became a vital area of this natural reserve and a large part of the area today is made up of rice fields.

The area is well known for its vast biological diversity. It’s home to many endangered and native species of bird, fish, and plants. These include the Spanish tooth carp and the Valencia toothcarp. Many birds stop in the water during their migratory routes or stay in it during their vital cycle. The lake can even harbor as many as 50,000 birds during certain periods. Furthermore, the Natural Park is home to many different habitats such as dunes, forest, beaches, salt marsh, a lagoon, rice fields.

 Spanish Novelist Vicente Blasco Ibáñez

Spanish Novelist Vicente Blasco Ibáñez

 Aerial shot of Albufera

Aerial shot of Albufera

Influence of Albufera in Culture

L’Albufera became represented in popular culture in the early twentieth century thanks to Valencian writer Vicente Blasco Ibanez who wrote about life in Albufera in his novel “Reeds and Mud” which eventually was adapted into a television show. L’Albufera has also influenced many artistic figures of the 20th century like writers Blasco Ibanez and Azorin, and painters Peris Brell and Antonio Fillol.

Why You Need to Visit Albufera

L’Albufera is an ecological and cultural gem in the area of Valencia for many reasons:

  • Diverse Landscape

  • Cultural, Small Village of Fishers and Rice Farmers

  • Myriad of Important and Diverse Species

  • Special Dishes

    (Paella and Arròs a banda, a popular eel dish)