Michelin Starred Restaurants in Valencia.

Michelin Starred Restaurants in Valencia.


5th Feb 2020

When thinking of Michelin starred restaurants around the world, London, Madrid, New York, or Paris often come to mind. While these cities are lucky enough to host many excellent Michelin starred restaurants, Valencia, a beautiful city on the West Coast of Spain, boasts 38 recognized restaurants, three 1-Star restaurants, and two 2-star restaurants.

Unique Gastronomic Experience in Valencia

If you’re looking for something of as equal as good quality, something special, something unique, and something less expensive then let us first let you in to a secret. Here at Sea Saffron we may not have a Michelin star but we believe we offer a very unique gastronomic experience. We believe that the 5-star TripAdvisor reviews and the Travellers Choice Award we received- meaning we are ranked one of the Top 7 Experiences in Spain- means even more than a Michelin star. It is a testament to the fact that we offer something special. Following a guided walking tour of the Valencia Old Town or the City of Arts and Sciences, we welcome you to wine and dine in a 11th Century Moorish Cave or the highest terrace in the city of Valencia, respectively. In these private spaces, our chef will concoct a delicious mix of local tapas before you sit down to a meal of freshly-prepared dishes, all whilst sipping on a selection of carefully-chosen Valencia wines. Click the button below if you want to learn more about this incredibly unique experience in Valencia.



Michelin Starred Restaurants in Valencia City 

Valencia city has two 2 Michelin starred restaurants: El Poblet  and Ricard Camarena. Additionally, it has three 1 Michelin starred restaurants: La Salita, Riff, and Sucede.  All of them rely on nouvelle cuisine- characterized by lighter, more delicate dishes and an increased emphasis on presentation- while giving profound respect to local products and culinary tradition. The chefs are committed to cutting-edge cuisine making it possible for you to experience tastes like you've never tried before.

If you plan on heading to these Michelin Starred restaurants in Valencia, make sure to check out our advice on dress codes for restaurants in order to be prepared.

Spotlight: Ricard Camarena

Although there are many chefs that work daily to promote our gastronomy, Ricard Camarena certainly takes the lead. At this moment, he is the only Valencian chef with a Michelin Star in Valencia capital, he is the best ambassador outside our borders and, finally, he is truly devoted to our local culinary traditions. His two Michelin stars and 3 Repsol Suns do not do justice to his quality level and trajectory. He shows an absolute respect for the product and seasonality in his menus.

Personal emblem: Broths

Mythical dishes: Any of his broths and rices (Rice with blue fish, Margheritta rice).

Today’s opportunity: Hake cocochas, ecologic artichokes and Valencian “bollit” infusion (2016).

Tasting menus: Prelude + 8 dishes (110 € + 70 € pairing), Prelude + 6 dishes (85 € + 60 € pairing), and Express Menu (45 €)

Beyond The Michelin Star

The Michelin Guide and Repsol Guide are also good sources from the experts on about 30 other restaurants in Valencia, both useful guides for the traveler.

However, although both guides are undeniably helpful, why not look into what other travelers or local people think? For example, Trip Advisor helps the visitor to make up their mind about where to go and what to do, pairing experts' opinions with travellers' experiences. The site also has valuable information on what to do in a city past the restaurants, such as tourism sights or unique gastronomic experiences such as our tour followed by tapas in two emblematic locations in Valencia. 





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