5 Must See Valencia Sights.

5 Must See Valencia Sights.


10th Feb 2020

Valencia sights are becoming increasingly recognised by travelers around the world looking to see authentic Spain whilst at the same time experiencing something beautiful. Valencia has changed a lot in recent decades and is steadily putting itself on the map as an excellent tourist destination for those wanting to experience real Spain. To help you obtain an authentic view of Valencia, we have compiled this helpful list of some of our favourite Valencia sights. We have selected views that incorporate relaxing activities, aerial views and, of course, food, because we believe that there is no better way to get to know a particular culture than through its gastronomy.

At Sea Saffron, we are proud that our unique culinary experiences are recognised as being the ideal way to experience Valencian gastronomic culture with a spectacular view of the most famous of Valencia sights, the City of Arts and Sciences. Or, experience the rich history of Valencia in the Old Town Tour. These are the best ways to experience authentic Valencia whilst enjoying local food and drinks and viewing some of the most charming Valencia sights.

1. The Best View – City of Arts and Sciences from highest terrace in city

2. Park Views – Turia Gardens

3. Nature Views– L’Albufera Valencia

4. Historical Views – Valencia Old Town

5. Beach Views – Playa de la Malvarrosa

1. Best of the Valencia sights – Admiring the City of the Arts and Sciences from the Highest Valencia Terrace

Valencia is what it is today because of the City of the Arts and Sciences. Enjoying the wide range of scientific and artistic sights is certainly recommended for the daytime. At night, however, if you’re in search of something unusual and extra special, look no further that the magnificent aerial view of the City of Arts and Sciences from the highest terrace in the city. Sit back and watch the Valencia sunset over the city as you sample the best Valencia wines and taste freshly prepared local dishes by our expert chef. This is one of the most unique and unusual experiences in Valencia and is really is a must for anyone wishing to capture the best views in the city for your Valencia photos.


2. Wandering through the Turia Gardens

Take a stroll or pedal a bike through these meandering gardens and you will certainly be soaking up a typical view. Many people enjoy practising sports like football, jogging, or tai chi in the grounds and you are sure to spot people lying in the shade of the trees to read a book or listen to music. It is one of the Valencia sights that is hard to miss since the gardens are located in the bed of the Turia River, diverted and made into this beautiful park. The park winds its way through the center of the city for 7km from west to east. Popular with all ages, it is one of the most quintessential Valencia sights and we thoroughly recommend you visit it.

3. Looking out across L’Albufera Waters

Albufera Valencia is the famed nature reserve located just outside the city. Come here to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre and enjoy spectacular views across the waters and rice fields. Home to many endangered species of bird and fish, you will find yourself surrounded by bird song and the gentle lapping of the waters. Since the area is also the birthplace of the Valencia rice, paella, we recommend you sample some whilst you are there!

4. Beholding the Historic Old Town

It may be a 207-step climb up an ancient spiral staircase to reach the top of El Miguelete bell tower, but the views once you emerge from the stairwell are worth it for any history buff. You will be granted a view across the rooftops of Valencia's Old Town its historic quarter. Of particular note is that you will be able to enjoy an aerial view of Valencia’s 13th century cathedral. The tower is located in the Plaza de la Reina, a square that itself deserves recognition as an excellent spot in which to pause and soak up the atmosphere in this historic part of town. After enjoying this beautiful Valencia sight, head to Sea Saffron's Old Town Tour to learn more about this historic area from an expert followed by a delicious tapas meal inside an 11th century Moorish cave. 


5. Beach Views – Playa de la Malvarrosa

If you’re in search of a tropical beach paradise then look no further than Malvarrosa beach, which is located very close to the city centre and is an easy bus ride away. With clear, refreshing waters and clean sands, you’ll enjoy your time spent here experiencing a typical Spanish activity: spending time at the beach. If you get too hot out on the sand then pop into one of the many bars and restaurants that stretch along the length of the beach to enjoy a cold beverage and some tapas. This is also a great location to experience a breathtaking Valencia sunset. Yet another one of the Valencia sights ticked off your bucket list.

As you can see, there is a great variety of Valencia sights for you to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in rich history or more modern phenomenoms, you are sure to find something here to suit your tastes. In order to truly expereincee two of Valencia's most iconic sights, the City of Arts and Sciences  and Valencia Old Town,  check out Sea Saffron's tours. Each tour is followed by Valencia wine along with a ten course meal of freshly prepared tapas by our private chef. Follow the link below to find out more.





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