6 Incredible Sunset Valencia Spots.

6 Incredible Sunset Valencia Spots.

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29th Jan 2020

Valencia is home to some undeniably beautiful sunsets. There is always a new spot to discover the best sunset views. The Sea Saffron team are sunset fanatics, always looking for the best spots. Here we have compiled a list of our favorite sunset views. Watch the sun set at the end of a wonderful day in Valencia. Sea Saffron’s award-winning food and wine tour offers a unique dining experience with the city's best sunset view.

Regarding sunset times, this varies on the season. In the winter months (around November - February), sunset takes place between 5:00pm and 6:30pm. During spring and summer (around April - October), sunset is from around 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Where to Watch the Sunset in Valencia

  1. 1. The Best Sunset in Valencia
  2. 2. The Beach
  3. 3. The Marina
  4. 4. Old Town
  5. 5. Turia Gardens
  6. 6. Albufera

1. The Best Sunset in Valencia

Imagine watching the Valencia sunset while sipping prizewinning wines and the best of local tapas on a private terrace overlooking the entire city. Sea Saffron make this a possility on their intimate small group tour, the top-rated activity on TripAdvisor. Discover the impressive futuristic architecture of the City of Arts and Sciences as your passionate tour host explains the stories behind the buildings. Then ascend to the highest rooftop terrace in Valencia and discover Sea Saffron's exclusive venue offering views over the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences complex, the Turia Gardens and the Valencian coastline.

Here, you will be treated to a multi-course selecion of the finest tapas showcasing local produce. The menu is complemented by a selection of our finest Valencia wines, all sourced from Valencian vineyards, and is accompanied by the most sensational sunset in the city. Discover what makes this view the top-rated activity on TripAdvisor.

Best Sunset View: The rooftop terrace of Sea Saffron with a glass of wine in hand!

girls enjoying the Sea Saffron sunset


2. The Beach

Whether it is watching the sunset, or watching the fireworks during one of the many Valencia events, you can never go wrong with lounging on the beach. Although there are many beautiful Valencia beaches, we recommend visiting Malvarrosa beach.

The beach spans a length of 1 kilometers and an average width of 135 meters. Popular for tourists throughout the year, this expansive beach is not short of life with many people flocking there at all times of the day and is a reliable choice for parties and festivities, especially during the summer months.

However, in our opinion, this beach’s best asset is its sunsets. Watch the sky come alive with color as the sunbathers disperse and the sun turns to moon. There is something about the combination of the calm lapping of the waves, the soft sand, and the sunset hues which is truly breathtaking.

Best Sunset View: Stop for a coffee or a drink at Las Arenas hotel and enjoy uninterrupted views of the sunset setting on the beach.

girls jumping in the sunset

3. The Marina

Valencia has one of the most attractive marinas in the world. Beautiful boats reflecting the orange colors from the sunset can add an even more luxurious element to the experience. The Marina is located a twenty minute metro or bus ride from the center of the city. The harborside is a hub of activity in the early evenings and guarantees you an unforgettable sunset view reflecting over the tranquil waters.

Best Sunset View: Cocktails at Marina Beach Club or Azul

marina beach bar area

4. Old Town

The Old Town is truly a fascinating amalgamation of architectural styles and periods of history. To discover more about the Old Town of Valencia, specifcially the secret spots that only locals know about, join Sea Saffron and uncover the city's hidden treasures. Sea Saffron is an award-winning tour company on TripAdvisor, blending an intimate small group tour of the city's most iconic landmarks with the best of traditional tapas and regional wine in a unique venue. Dine on the best of local flavors in an 11th Century Historic Monument, Valencia's oldest venue and best kept secret.


Best Sunset View: The top of El Miguelete, the cathedral's bell tower. Climb to the top of the tower (after a series of 207 steps!) and see Valencia’s old town from a new angle!

old town viewpoint valencia

5. Turia Gardens

If you are looking to enjoy a truly authentic experience, the Turia Gardens is the ideal way to marvel at the stunning Valencian sunset —without getting sand in your shoes or climbing any stairs. Believe it or not, this park was once a river that ran through Valencia, but was turned into a park in the 20th Century to prevent flooding.

Easy to access, it is a perfect option for elderly grandparents or younger children, allowing you to enjoy the Valencia sunset as a family. As for the location, it runs the span of the city so you can go for a short walk towards the center of the city and stumble upon the gardens with ease.

Best Sunset View: Watch the sunset from Sea Saffron's terrace for unforgettable views over the Turia. The Palau de la Musica also offers a lovely sunset view.

sunset through the trees

6. Albufera

Hometown of the famous Valencian paella, the Albufera region is full of rice paddies where traditional rice for Valencian paella is grown. It is also home to one of the most stunning sunsets you will ever see. Watch the sunset at the mirador (the viewpoint) of Albufera.

The surrounding areas also feature beautiful wildlife, nature trails, and cycling routes, which seamlessly blends an active day getting in touch with nature with a restful evening watching the sun set on the lake. This is a perfect spot to take photos, especially as the last rays of the sun beat against the water, creating picture-perfect reflections. This nature-lover’s haven is a short journey from the city and definitely worth the trip.

Best Sunset View: Gola de Pujol

sunset on albufera lake

“Sunsets are proof that endings can often be beautiful too” - Beau Taplin

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