8 Best Spots for Valencia Photos.

8 Best Spots for Valencia Photos.

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18th May 2020

Beautiful holiday photos allow us to relive memories of our trip and let our families and friends travel vicariously through our photos. In the age of Instagram, finding the best photos on your trip has become of paramount importance. Whether this is your first time to Valencia or your 100th time here, we have compiled a list of our favourite sights for the best Valencia photos.

Where to Take the Best Valencia Photos

  1. 1. Valencia From Above
  2. 2. Valencia's Beaches
  3. 3. Sunsets on the Water
  4. 4. City of Arts and Sciences
  5. 5. Church of San Nicolás
  6. 6. Valencian Street Art
  7. 7. Food Markets
  8. 8. Valencian Parks and Gardens

1. Valencia From Above

Our favourite spot in the entire city is the Sea Saffron rooftop where we conduct our tapas and wine tastings. This is certainly the best place to obtain unsurpassed views of the City of Arts and Sciences, the Turia Gardens, and the Valencian coastline. Here at Sea Saffron, our tours of the City of Arts and Sciences culminate with the highlight: an exclusive dining experience on the highest private terrace in Valencia which looks out over the city skyline. Join your Sea Saffron host on TripAdvisor's top-rated small group tour. On a clear day, of which Valencia has many, you can see for miles.

Sip on local Valencia wines and sample a selection of traditional tapas as you watch the sun setting over the city. Then sit down to a specially prepared menu of tapas and local favorities and get a shot of the myriad of lights casting a glow across the city. From this terrace, you will certainly get the best photos of the City of Arts and Sciences—the futuristic modern complex of 7 structures designed by one of Spain’s most famous architects, Santiago Calatrava.

Book our sunset tour to snap some photos of the best view of the Valencian sunset. We honestly can’t think of a better place to take extraordinary Valencia photos whilst enjoying the best of the city's tapas and wine. 


man watching rooftop sunset

2. Valencia's Beaches

Considering Valencia has over 300 sunny days per year, chances are high for the perfect shot at one of Valencia’s beaches. Snap some photos of a beautiful beach sunrise or sunset, or take some equally beautiful pictures during the day. As habitual seekers of capturing these special moments, we recommend using a higher quality camera for these sunrise and sunset shots. There are two beaches easily accessible from the city: Playa Malvarrosa and Playa Patacona.

Playa Malvarrosa

If you are looking to enjoy the warmth of a sandy beach right next to the city, Playa Malvarrosa is the ideal place. It is almost 2 kilometres long and it has tons of events going on throughout the year. From the Valencia Fallas fireworks in March to the kite-flying contest each Spring, Malvarrosa is always a hub of activity.

Soak up the atmosphere of these festivities and get some amazing active shots. Or, take advantage of the quieter periods at the beach to obtain uninterrupted views for the perfect photos. The promenade is full of amazing spots to take the best Valencia photos. Combine your visit to the beach with a visit to one of the many beach-side restaurants and tapas bars.marina infinity pool

Playa Patacona

Slightly further north of Playa Malvarrosa, Patacona maintains the beauty of a Spanish beach in the 1930s; the promenade has preserved its original colored-fronted houses opposite the beach and its vintage charm. With its picture-perfect cafes and brunch spots, sandy beaches, and small colourful houses, this Valencian neighborhood is a photographer's dream.

If you are feeling particular active, rent a bike and take a leisurely cycle from River Turia to Patacona. This route is full of stunning photo opportunities crossing many different genres of photography: landscapes, different scenery and portrait photography. Sunsets during June and July can begin as late as 9:00pm, so long afternoon walks along the beach before the sun sets are an ideal way to spend the summer days to capture the Valencian sunset.

3. Sunsets on the Water

Albufera is a quintessential spot for Valencia photos. Just 10km from the city centre, the Albufera is a freshwater lagoon on the Valencian coast and is famous for its rice paddies where rice for the city's iconic paella dish is grown. The lake is the largest in Spain and features as part of Albufera Natural Park which is home to beaches, forests and rice paddies.

Albufera’s mirador (viewpoint) is where some of the most special sunsets in Valencia are seen. The combination of dappled sunlight, the water's reflections, and the lakeside reeds lend themselves to irresistibly beautiful pictures - a must see if you are staying in Valencia. Sit on the jetties and watch the world go by, or take a boat trip out on the river to appreciate the stillness of the water and the many ecosystems. Take advantage of the ephearal skies and rich colours and create incredible silhouette photos.

Albufera is easily accessed from Valencia city via bus route 25, which takes you from many points in the city directly to the viewpoint. The park also has many cycling routes if you want to cycle there. 

sunset on albufera lake

4. City of Arts and Sciences

Calatrava's complex of futuristic architecture is truly a masterpiece. The seven-structure complex is a classic location for postcard-worthy photos of Valencia. The intricacies of the design set against an unblemished blue sky lend themselves to incredible photos, even for the most amateur of photographers.

One of the amazing buildings in the City of Arts and Sciences is the Príncipe Felipe Museum. This 24,00 metre square museum is designed to emulate the ribcage of a whale. The water ponds opposite the building create beautiful reflections mirroring the modern architectural features, making it a tourist favourite for those special holiday pictures.

The first of all the structures in the City of Arts and Sciences complex, L'Hemisferic, is a truly remarkable building. Built in the shape of a human eye, this building is even more spectacular at night when it is illuminated. 

The unique patterns of reflections and fragmentations of light, coupled with the water, give the photo stunning elements making incredible and memorable photos which will last forever. We also recommend L’Assut de L’Or bridge (commonly known as “El Jamonero”), a bridge positioned at the edge of the complex which provides a stunning overlay to panoramic photos of the entirety of the City of Arts and Sciences.


5. Church of San Nicolás

How could we ever express the true beauty of the “Valencian Sistine Chapel?” Although you will have other excellent opportunities for these types of pictures when visiting Valencia’s Old Town, we believe the Church of San Nicolás is the most awe-inspiring. It is a point of pride for all Valencians and one of the most popular spots for Valencia photos. We recommend turning off your flash to truly capture the complexities of the intricately designed frescoes.

Join Sea Saffron on their highly-acclaimed Valencia Old Town Tour and explore this stunning church, as well as many other Old Town highlights, with your passionate guide. In this top-rated small group experience recommended by TripAdvisor, learn the history and stories of the stunning sidestreets, with many photo opportunities. End the experience in a truly unique and emblematic venue: the original city walls dating back to the 11th Century. Enjoy the best of traditional tapas, regional favorites and prizewinning Valencian wine in an exclusive and special location.


Visiting hours are dependent on the day of the week and the season; during Winter (October till June), you can gain access between 10.30am - 7pm Tuesday to Friday, from 10.30am-6.30pm on Saturdays and from 1pm-8pm on Sundays. In the summer months, you are able to enter between 10.30am-9pm Tuesday till Friday, from 10.30am-7.30pm on Saturdays and from 11.30-9pm on Sundays. Please note, San Nicolas is always closed on a Monday so do not miss out on capturing the incredible frescoes! 

ceiling frescoes san nicolas

6. Valencian Street Art

A little-known fact about Valencia is that it is famous for its urban art scene. Though the term ‘graffiti’ is often synonymous with ‘delinquency’, this is not the case here. Instead, the vibrant street art found throughout the streets of the whole city is truly unique and Valencians are proud of the decoration and colour. It is practically like an open-air museum throughout the city, comprising all kinds of wall murals and graffiti painted by local and international artists.

El Carmen neighborhood is home to the majority of Valencia’s street art and will give you endless photo opportunities. Locate yourself on Carrer de Moret and get your camera ready to shoot. With a huge variety of drawing styles and colours, this is the perfect spot to explore the many works of art Valencia has to offer. 

street art streets of valencia

7. Food Markets

Valencia offers ample opportunities for foodies in its rich offerings of restaurants and markets. Try Mercado Central if you want to obtain beautiful photos of fresh produce. Let your nose guide you as various scents and aromas lead you into the right places for your photos. Pause and get tapas at Central Bar and truly enter the spirit of Valencia with a mid-morning glass of wine! Get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the busy marketplace and its sights and smells; the intensely colored fruits and vegetables, the traditional meats and fish, and the fragrant spice stalls will flood your senses.

It is no surprise that this market is one of the top-recommended sights on TripAdvisor. Marvel at the impressive domed ceiling with its colourful stain-glass and Moorish style. The building itself is typical of Valencian Art Nouveau and has distinct stain-glass features, high ceilings, and Gothic features, an architectural homage to the other nearby buildings in the Old Town.

Opening hours: 7am-3pm Monday - Saturday; closed on Sundays 

domed ceiling of mercado central

8. Valencian Parks and Gardens

Valencia is a very green city. It has marvellous free-access gardens that all photography lovers must visit when in Valencia. The city holds over 400 million square metres of gardens and parks, including the incredible Turia Gardens.

The Turia Gardens refers to a city-wide park which runs for over 9 kilometres. The park was opened in the 1980s and was built in the old riverbed after the river was redirected by the Valencian government. Now it is a staple feature of Valencia and is a haven for runners, children, tourists, and people who love to while away the hours reading a book amongst peaceful greenery. The park features 18 bridges in total—all from different periods with varying architectural styles.

Other areas of greenery include Jardines de Viveros park, a beautiful city park open daily from 7.30am until 8.30pm (November to March) and until 9.30pm (April to October). Be sure to also visit Valencia’s Botanical Garden (open 10am-6pm daily), the palatial Monforte Garden (open 10.30am-8pm daily), and Garden of the Hesperides with displays Greek mythology inspired statues (open 9am-8pm daily). These sights will give you both a breath of fresh air as well as some amazing shots. You can take a wander or cycle along the city’s greenery and snap some shots of some of Valencia’s most appreciated local treasures.


If you want to see pure, awesome shots of Valencia then check out Sea Saffron's Instagram. You won’t regret it. Happy snapping!

“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world”

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