Discover Valencia Wine.

Discover Valencia Wine.

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18th May 2020

Valencia is typically known for paella, oranges, and the famous Fallas festival. However, the city also has a long history of wine cultivation dating back several thousands of years and is starting to gain more international recognition. The thriving wine industry of Valencia owes its success to two key things: the arrival of Romans in Spain, and the geographical location of Valencia on the Eastern coast of Spain.

After a decrease of wine production in the past few decades, the area has seen a sort of renaissance with new winemakers and growers, attempting to reestablish the city as a wine hub for Spain. The varying climates of the area produce many types of wines to try, including light sparkling cavas, rich fruity reds, and dry white wines. Sea Saffron has prepared more information about the different vineyards in the region for Valencia wines and where to try them in the city.

Valencia Wine Regions

  1. D.O. Utiel-Requena
  2. D.O. Alicante
  3. D.O. Valencia
  4. Castellón
  5. Valencia Wine in Unforgettable Venues

D.O. Utiel-Requena

This is the largest region for wine in Valencia and has a long tradition of winemaking dating back to the 7th century. The name is based on the two neighbouring towns, Utiel and Requena. This area has many vineyards to visit and is located 80 km from the city center. The consistent warm climate has enabled the Bobal grape to thrive, used predominantly for red wines and rosés. 

Pasión de Bobal 2016

Winery: Bodega Sierra Norte

Region: Utiel-Requena

Grape: Bobal

Price: <10 euros

Characteristics: Cherry red in color

Flavor Notes: Fruity with good acidity. Light notes of vanilla, smoke and toast.

Of course, Utiel-Requena is not strictly limited to Bobals and offers a wide variety of highly recommendable wines. Below, we recommend our favorites from the region that are less typical - those which are coupage wines or are focused around grapes other than Bobal. 

Bassus Pinot Noir 2017

Winery: Bodegas Hispano Suizas

Region: Utiel-Requena

Grape: Pinot Noir

Price: ~20 euros

Characteristics: Cherry red with violet hues

Flavor Notes: Ripe red fruit, toast and spicy notes

Tantum Ergo Chardonnay - Pinot Noir

Winery: Bodegas Hispano Suizas

Region: Utiel-Requena

Grape: Coupage (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir)

Price: ~25 euros

Characteristics: Intense golden yellow

Flavor Notes: Ripe white fruit with notes of pastry, dried fruit and vanilla

Hoya de Cadenas Reserva 2014

Winery: Vicente Gandía

Region: Utiel-Requena

Grape: Tempranillo

Price: ~ 10 euros

Characteristics: Intense cherry

Flavor Notes: Fruity with notes of wood and cocoa

Finca Terrerazo 2017

Winery: Mustiguillo

Region: Utiel-Requena (Vino de Pago)

Grape: Bobal

Price: ~ 25 euros

Characteristics: Intense cherry

Flavor Notes: Red and black fruits with toasted and herbaceous notes

Mestizaje Blanco 2018

Winery: Mustiguillo

Region: Utiel-Requena (Vino de Pago)

Grape: Merseguera, Viognier, Malvasía

Price: ~ 10 euros

Characteristics: Clear straw yellow

Flavor Notes: Fresh and fruity with notes of apricot and peach

Mestizaje Tinto 2017

Winery: Mustiguillo

Region: Utiel-Requena (Vino de Pago)

Grape: Bobal, Garnacha, Syrah

Price: ~ 10 euros

Characteristics: Cherry red with violet flecks

Flavor Notes: Red and black fruits with mineral and spicy notes


D.O. Alicante

Alicante is at the Southern end of the region and has a high production demand both locally and internationally. Its most famous wine is the sweet Fondillón, made with overripe Monastrell grapes. However, the region provides a wide variety of grapes and wines due to its size and climate.

Laudum Fondillón 1988

Winery: Bodegas Bocopa

Region: Alicante

Grape: Monastrell

Price: ~ 30 euros

Characteristics: Mahogany color with amber hues

Flavor Notes: Ripe and sweet fruit, pacified fruit, with hints of cocoa and hazelnut

El Sequé 2016

Winery: Bodegas y Viñedos El Sequé

Region: Alicante

Grape: Monastrell

Price: ~ 20 euros

Characteristics: Cherry red

Flavor Notes: Ripe red fruit with light toasted and spicy notes

Santa Rosa Reserva 2016

Winery: Bodegas Enrique Mendoza

Region: Alicante

Grape: Coupage (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah)

Price: ~ 20 euros

Characteristics: Intense ruby

Flavor Notes: Well balanced and slightly smoky

Tarima Hill 2016

Winery: Bodegas Volver

Region: Alicante

Grape: Monastrell

Price: ~ 10 euros

Characteristics: Ruby red

Flavor Notes: Blackberry, peppery notes and light quality of grass


D.O. Valencia

These grapes come from market gardens surrounding the city as well as the mountain ranges bordering the region. This includes wine from Alto Turia, Valentino, Moscatel de Valencia, and Clariano, producing a wide variety of wines. Some principal grapes here are Merseguera, Moscatel de Alejandría, and Sauvignon Blanc for white wines, and Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot for red wines.

Pasión de Moscatel 2017

Winery: Sierra Norte

Region: Valencia

Grape: Moscatel

Price: ~10 euros 

Characteristics: Pale straw

Flavor Notes: Fruity and dry with notes of apricot, apple and flowers

Maduresa 2016

Winery: Celler del Roure

Region: Valencia

Grape: Coupage (Mandó, Syrah, Petit verdot, Merlot, Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon)

Price: ~20 euros 

Characteristics: Cherry red

Flavor Notes: Ripe, mineral, warm fruit

Cullerot 2018

Winery: Celler del Roure

Region: Valencia

Grape: Coupage (Pedro Ximénez, Verdil, Charonnay, Macabeo)

Price: ~10 euros 

Characteristics: Clean bright yellow with golden hues

Flavor Notes: Fruity, floral and mineral with citrus notes

Venta del Puerto Nº12

Winery: Anecoop La Viña

Region: Valencia

Grape: Coupage (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo, Syrah)

Price: ~10 euros 

Characteristics: Bright red, slightly garnet

Flavor Notes: Sweet with roasted coffee and good acidity.

sunlight through the grapes

Within Valencia D.O. there is a region known as Alto Turia. This region is 72 km northeast of the city and is located along the banks of the Turia river in the highest part of the province. The climate and location of the region is perfectly suited for the production of dry white wines. This white wine is typically from the Macabeo and Merseguera grapes.

Vegamar Seleccion Merseguera 2018

Winery: Bodegas Vegamar

Region: Alto Turia (D.O. Valencia)

Grape: Merseguera

Price: <10 euros

Characteristics: Green-yellow

Flavor Notes: Fruity with fresh acidity

valencian wines lined up in Sea Saffron venue


Castellón is located in the mountains but is only a short distance from the Mediterranean Sea. Centuries of farmers have cultivated this area and this region is known for the native grape varieties such as Macabeo, Embolicaire, and Monastrell. 

Bellmunt I Oliver Brut Nature

Winery: Bodega Ildum

Region: Castellón

Grape: Macabeo and Chardonnay

Price: ~10 euros

Characteristics: Straw yellow

Flavor Notes: Well-balanced and pairs perfectly with desserts and all foods

Odisea Roble 2016

Winery: Cooperativa de Viver

Region: Castellón

Grape: Coupage (Tempranillo, Cabernet sauvignon)

Price: ~5 euros

Characteristics: Bright garnet red

Flavor Notes: Intensely fruity with notes of herbs


Valencia Wine in Unforgettable Venues

Want to discover the best wines of the region without having to leave Valencia city? At Sea Saffron we bring the vineyards to you, along with traditional local tapas in an unforgettable venue.

"At Sea Saffron, we bring the vineyards to you"

Discover the city's highest viewpoint on TripAdvisor's top-rated activity. We invite you to discover Valencia wine and gourmet tapas with an unmissable backdrop. After exploring the iconic City of Arts and Sciences on a small group tour, ascend to the highest private rooftop terrace in Valencia for an exclusive wine tasting experience. Your passionate host shares the stories behind the wines and from the rooftop can point out where the wines have come from.



Or explore the historic district on TripAdvisor's award-winning small group Old Town Tour, we combine the city's famous culture and gastronomy, giving you the chance to immerse yourself in the wine, food, and history of this incredible city.

On this tour, you will be able to learn discover the rich history of the Old Town and then dine in the city's most history venue, dating back to the 11th Century. Taste our selection of prize-winning Valencia wines, and enjoy specially-designed seasonal menus, all whilst experiencing one incredibly unique location in Valencia.

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