Ultimate Valencia Fallas Guide.

Ultimate Valencia Fallas Guide.


18th May 2020

Watch Valencia come alive during the month of March for the annual Valencia Fallas festival, dating back to the 15th Century. This Valencian event is well loved by tourists and locals alike—the city’s population increases three-fold for this event! The festival is ongoing throughout the month, but the main events take place from March 15th-19th.

All 238 commissions within Valencia has their own Falla, each of which features a unique and elaborate ninot", which is an extraordinary float constructed from paper, wax, wood, and papier-mâché. This ninot is ultimately filled with firecrackers and set alight in a huge celebration at the end of the festival. Artists devote their careers to Fallas, spending the whole year fundraising and constructing their floats— some of which are up to 5 stories high!

Additionally, each division elects a Queen of the Falla every year (both a Fallera Mayor and a Fallera Mayor Infantil) and a President, all of whom wear traditional dress and represent their Falla both during the festival and throughout the year in other events and celebrations.

Valencia Fallas Like A Local

  1. How to Get Around
  2. Recommended Fallas Route
  3. Traditional Fallas Delicacies
  4. Where to Watch a Máscleta
  5. Where to Take a Coffee Break
  6. Where to Eat Tapas and Wine
  7. Where to Watch the Fireworks

How to Get Around

Valencia is a great walking city; virtually everything is in walking distance and the ground is very flat. This is especially helpful during Valencia Fallas because of how easy it is to explore the myriad of things on every street. Follow our Valencia Fallas guide for the most awe-inspiring sights!

Top tip from the locals: Be warned, due to the popularity of Fallas, the streets are chock full of people at all hours of the day, so we have designed the route to account for the amount of time it will take to walk between sites.  

Recommended Fallas Route

Valencia has a rich history, filled with different architecutral marvels, traditions, and food. Discover more about the history of Valencia and Fallas with Sea Saffron, a TripAdvisor award-winning tour company. Join an intimate small group tour and explore the secrets of the Old Town. Get away from the crowds and enjoy a beautifully prepared menu of tapas, traditional Valencian dishes and prizewinning local wines in a truly unforgettable setting. Sea Saffron welcome you into a private dining venue steeped in history: the original city walls dating back to the 11th Century! After you have this knowledge of Valencia and the festival, you can begin to experience the craziness that is Valencia Fallas. 

Begin by strolling through Falla Cuba – Literato Azorin to gaze in wonder at the incredible ninots. The Fallas are divided into different districts, indicative of the amount of time and money invested in the monuments. The “Secció Especial” (Special Section) is a selected group of the most important Fallas commissions in Valencia. From 1942 until today, its awards hold the highest prestige and are the most impressive across the city. Your trail of the Secció Especial begins in Ruzafa, Valencia’s bohemian treasure known for its picturesque, narrow streets, independent art galleries, and french-inspired balconies. During this time, Ruzafa is also home to more epic ninots in your second site of Falla Sueca – Literato Azorin.

You will notice that there is an element of tongue-in-cheek in the design of the floats, with the local artists taking the opportunity to express humour and satire through their constructions. From here, experience a change in ambiance and architectural style as you pass through to Falla Reino Valencia – Duque de Calabria. This Fallas spot is in the Gran Via district, a traditional, classy neighborhood in Valencia full of stylish buildings and wide, tree-lined avenues. Ending in Falla Almirante Cadarso – Conde Altea leaves you in the perfect place for your first pit-stop of the day.

mythical fallas ninot

Traditional Fallas Delicacies 

Pause to reflect on the incredible sights you’ve seen so far with a traditional Valencian delicacy. Similar to a churro, buñuelos de calabaza are sweet, deep-fried dough balls made of pumpkin, and served with cups of hot chocolate. Horchatería Fabián is famous in the area for serving the best traditional buñuelos and you will need one in order re-fuel before the rest of your busy day. Due to its popularity, it is likely that you will need to queue (roughly 15 minutes), but it’s well worth the wait! 

Opening hours; Monday-Friday, 8.00-13.00; 17.00-21.00; Saturday and Sunday, 17.00-21.00. 


Where to Watch a Máscleta

Venture through to Valencia’s Old Town via Falla Convento Jersualén for more incredible ninots on your way to the Mascletà. Mascletàs are at the heart and soul of the Fallas celebrations and are unique to Valencian culture. A mascléta is the sound and event of the lighting of hundreds of firework explosions in coordinated rhythm, aiming to stimulate the body with sound rather than the typical firework that is set for a visual display.

The Mascletà begins every day during Valencia Fallas at 2pm in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The experience is exciting, rousing, and loud—glass windows have even been known to shatter with the noise! In order to truly embrace the spirit of the Mascletà, arrive early (around 13.00) to secure your place in the centre of the action.

Top tip from the locals: Resist the urge to cover your ears and make sure to join in and enjoy the noise! The Valencians are loud and proud about their Mascletàs.

The explosions last for 10 minutes leaving plenty of time for a rest and an aperitif in the stunning Mercado Colon.

fairytale fallas ninots

Where to Take a Coffee Break

Take a rest in one of Valencia’s architectural wonders, Mercado Colon. With its high ceilings and stain glass features, the market possesses distinct Valencian Art Nouveau style and is truly one of Valencia’s most beautiful places to stop for a drink before visiting your final destination to view the ninots: Falla Plaza del Pilar. Plaça del Pilar has been the most awarded commission in the last 50 years with up to 12 Special Section prizes, making it a must-see for your Valencia Fallas trail! 


Where to Eat Tapas and Wine 

At the end of your day of walking around the city, why not experience TripAdvisor's top-rated experience? Join Sea Saffron small group tour given by an expert guide followed by tapas and wine in one of Valencia's most exclusive venues. Get away from the chaos of Valencia Fallas on our City of Arts and Sciences Tour and marvel at the incredible designs of the buildings and learn the origins of this unique space.

After experiencing the buildings at eye level, take in incredible panoramic vistas from a bird's-eye perspective, from the most coveted view in the city. Relax on our private rooftop terrace, enjoying a selection of regional Valencia wines and specially-designed menu of tapas featuring local, seasonal produce and appreciate the sun-drenched views of the city with 270° vistas.


clients enjoying rooftop tapas

Where to Watch the Fireworks

If you still have energy after your jam-packed day, head back to the city in time for the Valencia Fallas fireworks. 

Top tip from the locals: The best place to watch the fireworks is in the Canovas district, beside the river. The fireworks are only on certain days so be sure to plan carefully if you want to see them! 

Firework times: March 16th at midnight, March 17th at 1:00AM, March 18th at 1:00AM (‘Nit Del Foc’ or Night of the Fire) 

red and gold fireworks display


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